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Just one more day

I can't believe some of the stuff that is put on this web site! Wow is all I can say. I was so upset at my day today with the political hoo ha going on. As a professional fundraiser I know that everything is being reported by scam artists who are manipulating the public into some kind of false sense of security while they play the bait and switch games so they can conquer the world. What a price we pay for the filthy rich that have an insatiable appetite for power and control of the masses. I know the majority are outraged and yet this never ending propaganda goes on and on.  Stories of "change" by the republican party as they plunge us deeper into despair without so much as an acknowledgement of our woes, like two low paying jobs with no benefits, apartments with no privacy and lots of room-mates! Food costs going up up up and the cost of gas so high the commercials have a man paying  for his gas by giving up "the shirt on his back"!  Now that  is an honest look at what our society has become. We don't just sit back because that 's " not our way." We have been standing up in marches trying to be peaceful in our pursuit of our rights.  But our attempts are ignored  leaving us with a feeling of futility.  Our complaints have become very hush hush. We are still  hoping for the good life.  But it won't happen! The people of America are caught in the squeeze now. Fighting for survival with our government under  the control of tyrants climbing the ladder of  success hoping they can control the world while leaving us in extreme poverty. More and more we become like the puppets of other cultures. Do we remember when we pitied the russians because of their ignorance from propaganda? Well thats us now!  The  machine is working overtime.The chosen King is Macain who has voted for everything that Bush put out 90% of the time. ( I am waiting for Macain to fall over with a stroke he is so old he can hardly stand much less work a whole day!)o work much less take on the job of the Presiden His only hope is to stand next to someone who is young and attractive  so we won't notice that he can't keep track of the conversation or talk without being told what to say. ah-h-h  the old  bait and switch game!  

Belief versus reality

        I have been reading my new Sylvia Browne book, Secrets and Mysteries,  and I learned that Jesus really did survive that horrible event! The first time I heard about it was in  a movie, "The Last Temtation of Christ" and somehow I thought it must be some kind of psychic event that took place but now I see that the director was trying to get the news out that he survived. Why did I feel that he was trying to insult us by saying he survived? I should have been happy right away. It is strange how the truth has effected me. A short time ago one of my friends made mention of it also and referred me to a book he had read and I thought that it was another  way to invalidate him. I was shocked to find out he left the area and went to many foreign countries and preached the word but never trusted his own people again. That makes sense! If people had tried to crucify me I would run for my life too!
      According to a man named Nicholas Notovitch said he survived crucifiction and death and went to India to live! And there are other books written about it called Holy Blood, Holy Grail and the Mosianic Legacy by Michael Baignet, then again there is the Da Vinci Code! Then Sylvia Browne says that the Acts of Thomas,  which was banned in 495 A.D. 49, say that Christ was with Thomas at a wedding 16 years after the Crucifiction! So whew it must be a well guarded secret and there really were groups of people that hid the truth! 
     One of the great things about living in this day and age-the information age- is that we really can get past the establishments and find out what has really happened in our world.  The new books on archeology have proven that the Old Testament is written in a much younger time line. I love the way they go to foreign countries and look for the truth. If they keep going like this we might eventually find out what happened to Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and of course Elvis!


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